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Theresa May MP Talks to Media Hub at Moor Hall

posted 18 September 2014

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Home Secretary Theresa May was the VIP guest and speaker at the Media Hub held at Moor Hall in Cookham on 11th September.


  After being introduced to the audience by Sunday Times contributor Clive Davis, who chaired the meeting, Mrs May commented that she must be very brave ‘to come into a room full of media people and talk about my experiences with the press’.


   More than 50 Media Hub members listened as Mrs May spoke about how the media demands on politicians have changed significantly over time. ‘The interaction between politicians and the press is something that has come into particular focus in recent years. The biggest challenge is the introduction of 24-hour news. We live in a world where everyone is expecting everything to be instant – news to be constantly available and politicians to be responding. The expectations of the media have increased and are more difficult to resist. Everyone wants an instant society but, actually, life isn't instant. The correct answer for a politician isn’t we’re going to do this, it’s we’re going to take our time and there will be an answer, but we're going to make sure we get it right.’


  The event was organised by two Cookham-based journalists, Sarah Parfitt and Sarah Rodi, who set up the Media Hub networking gatherings over a year ago.


   Journalist Sarah Parfitt said: ‘We were delighted to have such a distinguished guest speaker at our Media Hub meeting and in such a beautiful setting at Moor Hall. Theresa May captivated the audience and our members were given a rare opportunity to ask her questions afterwards.'


Journalist and Editor of local lifestyle website Sarah Rodi said: ‘This particular Media Hub was an evening I shall never forget. Theresa May was a real inspiration. I was pleased she highlighted the importance of local media and touched on the hot topic of social media, and I won’t forget her anecdote about the shoes!’


   Theresa May shared one of the interactions she had with the press that follows her even to this day. She said: ‘When I became Party Chairman, I made a speech at the Conservative Party Conference and wore a pair of leopard print kitten heels. Walking down a corridor afterwards, a journalist came running up to me. I thought they were going to ask me a serious question but instead they said: “I have just one question: where did you get the shoes?” People ask me if I get annoyed by the media focussing on things like that, but it can spark someone’s interest, so it’s not all bad.’

   When talking about social media, she said: ‘This new media in which we live means anyone can become the journalist. Anyone can become the broadcaster because they have the means at their disposal to comment instantly and spread that comment around the world. Anyone with a mobile phone can take a photograph.’


   The meeting took place in the Berkshire Suite at Moor Hall Conference Centre, who provided guests with a complimentary drink on arrival. Claire Pearce, General Manager, says: ‘Moor Hall was delighted to be given the opportunity to sponsor and host this prestigious event with the Media Hub. It was great to see so many guests from the media attending the event at the home of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.’


   And after the presentation, Maidenhead-based singer/songwriter Tina Oldham and her pianist Alex Hutton performed Jazz music while the guests networked. Sarah Rodi says: ‘We would like to thank Tina and Alex for entertaining our guests and for making it such a memorable evening.’


    Those who attend range from film producers to print journalists, broadcasters, digital and social media experts, and graphic designers - from the local community and further afield.

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