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Tarrystone Drama Festival Winners

6 May 2008

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(with thanks to Joanna Yates)

For the first time in 43 years, The Tarrystone Players of Cookham have won the Maidenhead Drama Festival - their last win being in 1965! 
 Following their success at the recent Play Idol in Pinder Hall, Jonathan Yates and Jean Hedger performed again in Green Favours by Frank Vickery, a gentle romantic comedy with a 'will they won't they' flavour, set in an allotment shed.
The triumphant duo came away with 2 trophies - Best Short Play and Class 1 Open First - as the overall winner of the Festival itself. In addition Jean Hedger was nominated for the Adjudicator's award for her performance.
Director, Sue Kidd of Newlands School was absolutely thrilled.  The play was also nominated for best set and best comedy.  Adjudicator Charles Evans also commented on the fact that had there been a special award for the fastest disappearing Cornish pasty, Jonathan Yates would have won this too, together with the fact that the piece displayed a 'masterclass in kissing!' 

Sue Kidd along with Jean Hedger and Jonathon Yates can be seen collecting their award in the photo.

He rounded off his Adjudication by saying it was a completely seemless and confident performance and also commented afterwards that it was the best performance of this particular play he had ever seen.

'Green Favours' by Frank Vickery



Jonathan Yates and Jean Hedger - 'Green Favours'

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