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Val Rice and Friends at the Crown 

(17 February 2002)

Val Rice and Friends  have just managed to land a regular slot at the Crown Pub in Cookham, at least in the hall behind it. Their first gig will be on Friday, March the 1st, which will be from eight until midnight.  We will then be there for the first Friday in every month  or at least that is the plan at the moment. 

There is a bar in situ and it will cost 5 entrance fee. It is live entertainment on a regular basis in Cookham. Val says "We are hoping to have other people working with us, such as the Shirtlifters quartet, but I have to confirm this with Charles. Anyway in the absence of live entertainment generally since the Tavern changed to a restaurant...we are hopeful it will pull in a crowd."

They are hoping that it might pull in some punters. Irreverent and thought provoking cabaret is their raison d'etre, so please come along.

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