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Where is the WI Weekly Market?

16 August 2003

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(With thanks to Timmy and Lynda Mallett)

The weekly WI market had a move this week. Kicked out of Pinder Hall by the renovations and the Art exhibition the ladies of the WI  set up on Saturday morning at Elizabeth House.


"We've been busier than ever" said Ruth Daniel.

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It is not just the plants that need watering

Brenda was busy watering the legs of the gazebo to stop it falling over in the wind!
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 You can have your cake and eat it here

Busy customer Elizabeth Jackson (on holiday here from Exeter) bought 2 whopping home grown marrows for 30pence! "I can't believe the prices!" she said as she struggled off with her load of plants, cakes, lunch and birthday cards... "I'll come back next week too" she exclaimed! 
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Elizabeth Jackson displays her purchases 

But watch out. Will it be at Elizabeth House or Pinder Hall?????
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Where will the WI Market be next week? 

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