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WI Market Celebrates 40 Years

11 June 2004

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(With thanks to Timmy Mallett)

40 years ago the wonderful Friday morning ritual of the WI  weekly market began at Pinder Hall. Today they celebrate 40 years on.

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Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2 

40 years and still here

Founder member B (stands for Beatrice!) known in those more formal days as Mrs Dean said "We used to have to go up to Reading and when we first started we were in a pub in the middle of Maidenhead. But that was no good, our stall was too near the gents!"

 B Dean (left) and Kate Swan (right)

So they moved to Cookham and had a stall outside Pinder Hall "We couldn't afford to rent the inside of the hall and it was a bit blowy and cold that first day. We took 6!"

 Not too much has changed

B's collection of b&w photos have people asking who are these ladies and how many are still alive?
It's a scene very similar to today but the old wooden trestles have gone.

Today the market attracts over a hundred  shoppers a week and in celebrations there were teas and coffees and delicious cakes to sample.

Yum, yum

The plant stall outside does a roaring trade, indoors there are free range eggs, homemade jams and chutneys, cakes, biscuits, bread and scones. Another stall sells homemade cards and shoppers are now given shopping baskets!

Happy 40th Birthday WI Market 

Among the visitors this week were Kate Swan (93 this month). "I was born on Stanley Spencer's 20th birthday, and I remembering delivering a telegram to your house, when it was first built in the 1920s... The owner's dog put a tear in my new blazer but they paid for the invisible mend!"

They should be 40 more often!

The colour photo below shows B about 30 odd years ago when everyone wore 1970s brown! Look at the old sign for Fine Signs and the ancient cars!

Doesn't time fly? 

Today's team of WI ladies show Ruth Daniel, Brenda Ball, Gill Waller and Val Neal. We love 'em and their wonderful weekly market!

Ruth, Brenda, Gill and Val 

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