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The Cookham Festival 2015

The Sculpture Garden

with thanks to Jeremy Wilson for the photographs


The Sculpture Garden was held in the grounds of the Odney Club from 2-17 May With the background of the stunning gardens the sculptures were shown off magnificently. The Sculpture Garden at Odney opened with a private viewing for invited guests and Barn Galleries clients. who, even if a little chilly, enjoyed perusing the stunning exhibits with a glass in hand. They were wowed in particular by the giant glass and galvanised steel blooms created by the internationally successful Jenny Pickford and the spinning stainless steel sailing boat by local artist, Richard Cresswell. Elephants and cows, dancers and planters, water features and birdbaths there are pieces of all sizes, for all tastes. With over 80 sculptures on show, there were plenty of artworks to discuss as guests wandered through the grounds.







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