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(21 May 2012)

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Sima Stannage from Simaís Action Kids volunteered her time to entertain the children at Let's Rock the Moor on Saturday 18th May, 2013:

"Once again, it was an amazing experience to be appearing at Let's Rock The Moor. To be sharing the Paddock stage with Dave Benson Phillips and to entertain so many children was undoubtedly the highlight of our Sima's Action Kids eventsí calendar. The weather was a bit chilly to start off with, but as the afternoon progressed, we realised that the sun always shines on 80s festivals! Around 130 kids (and some adults!) danced to Sima's Action Kids' own crazy version of Gangnam Style. I am already looking forward to next year!" 




Caroline Field and her sons

Helen Mason, one of the volunteers from the Parents' Association at Herries, who donated her time and ran the childrenís area at Letís Rock the Moor

"We were delighted to be able to host a play area for younger festival goers at this year's Let's Rock The Moor, but couldn't quite have imagined how successful this little area would be.  It was a real oasis for the younger children who were able to come and climb or ride on the toys in a safe environment while their parents took the weight off their feet and sat and had a welcome beer or coffee.  We didn't realise how many under 3s there are at these events!"


Caroline Field with baby Danny


"We had a fantastic day at Let's Rock the Moor on Saturday ! The event is really well set up for a family day out - great music for the parents to reminisce about and plenty of entertainment and funfair rides for the kids to enjoy in between the music. A fab day for all of us !

Caroline Field and family, Chiswick

Sima and her friends

What's On for Little Ones

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