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Cookham Raises 20,000 for the Thames Valley Hospice

The Cookham Fundraising Group are to be congratulated. They have raised 20,000 this year for the Thames Valley Hospice.  Genevieve Usher and Brian Hopkins were thrilled to bits and said this is our very best year and we are delighted to have been able to make such a wonderful contribution.


The letter of thanks sent to Brian Hopkins the Treasurer can be seen below.

6 July, 2001


Mr Brian Hopkins

Hon Treasurer

The Cookhams Fundraising Group 

35 Long Lane Cookham


Berks SL6 9EB 


Dear Mr Hopkins


Thank you for your letter enclosing a contribution of 6000 from the Cookhams Fundraising Group. We are extremely grateful for this further addition to our funds.


May we take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Cookhams Committee for their tremendous hard work on behalf of the Thames Valley Hospice. You must all be delighted to have achieved your best-ever annual total - 20,000. This fantastic amount emphasises how much effort is made by the whole Group and just how generous supporters of the Thames Valley Hospice can be.


Please pass on many thanks to everyone concerned for their valuable support; we are so grateful to have such friends in the community.


With very best wishes. 


Yours sincerely

Yvonne Johnson

Administration Director

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