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Cookham Rise Celebrates 100 Years

(9 June 2009)

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It is 100 year since Cookham Rise School has been offering education to the children of Cookham. Although when it was first built it actually offered secondary education with Cookham Dean and Holy Trinity offering primary education. People say that the village was much more integrated in those days as everyone left the primary schools and came to Cookham Rise for their secondary education. 


At the end of the 1990s it was decided to knock some of the old classrooms down and build new integrated ones along with a new library which also linked to the school. There is also an ICT suite which has recently been furnished with enough Dell computers to meet the needs of the children so they no longer have to share. There is also an interactive white board, so things have changed a lot since 1909. 


The school had gathered together photos, newspaper articles and even some of the paraphernalia used for education in the good old days. The many visitors were able to pick out their friends, relatives and even themselves from the school photos. There several grey heads reminiscing about how it used to be.

100 Years of Cookham Rise School

The Good Old Days

Jill and John Books

Pens and Ink Wells

Ruler, Chalk Slate and Set Square

The Plans for the Original School

The Register

Look, there I am!

Generations of Cookhamites

What was Worn by the Boys in 1909

..... and the Girls

At lunch time a helicopter had been organised to take a photo of the school children outside forming the school logo. This had been  laid out on the school's patch of Alfred Major.

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