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Cookham Rise School Plants Jubilee Hedge

(29 March 2012)

The Maidenhead Advertiser once again visited Cookham Rise Primary School pupils this week. The School have planted a hedge as part of The Queen’s Jubilee Celebrations. The Woodlands Trust, which gives away free trees to schools, donated 60 hedging plants and one Royal Oak sapling as part of its Jubilee Woods initiative. During lunchtimes last week Teaching Assistants, Julie Armstrong and Lisa Peters (ECO Leaders) have been asking each family to plant a tree along the schools boundary with the Alfred Major Recreation Ground. On consultation with the Parish Council Clerk , Mrs. Osborne, about the project the school was also offered 105 more plants from the council which has meant that the hedging can go further along the boundary to enhance the area.

“ This conservation project not only helps the local wildlife but also makes our surrounding area more attractive for the whole community. We have Dogwood, Hazel, Hawthorn Wild Rose and Holly. They are only very little at the moment but they will eventually give us a wonderful hedge to look at rather than the chain link fence which is not that attractive” they said.


The Royal Oak sapling was planted by Mrs. Daniels (Headteacher) and her daughter , Megan, to remind a future generation of all of us who were at Cookham Rise in 2012. The C.R.E.W. team and the School Council joined Mrs. Daniels on Monday 26th March to plant some of the remaining trees along with two of the schools governors Mrs. Sprules and Mrs. Edwards. Mr. Lilywhite, a parent member of the C.R.E.W. team, also came along and joined his daughter for the ‘ceremony’. The remaining trees will be planted during the period up to the Easter holidays.



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