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Goodbye to Kate Littlefield

(20 July 2003)

Friday 18 July saw people of all ages making their way towards Cookham Rise Primary School. There were pupils, ex pupils, parents, teachers, ex teachers, governors and ex governors not to mention their families, even Mr Hill, head teacher at Furze Platt, was there.  The reason they were there was to say goodbye to Kate Littlefield who has been headteacher at Cookham Rise for the last eleven years.  

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They came from far and near

Everyone brought a picnic with them and also the odd bottle of wine made its appearance although there did seem to be a few people who had forgotten the corkscrew. The school's sports field was soon covered with picnickers.
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Anne Glover (music) with a future pupil

A disco was also available for the younger members, many of whom had dressed up for the occasion in all sorts of glitter including the boys.

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Let's dance!

Sheila Jay, Chairman of the Board of Governors, presented Kate with a Goodbye present. In addition Kate will also be receiving a cheque made up of the many donations handed into the school to say thank you to Kate for all she has done for the school.  Sheila gave a short speech in which she reminded everyone that she had been Chairman of Board of Governors when Kate actually came to Cookham Rise and had been instrumental in choosing her for the post.
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Kate is presented with a Goodbye present

The evening finished off with fireworks, which had been donated by Kate and her husband David.
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A standing ovation for Kate

Kate has a couple more days before she leaves Cookham Rise.  She is planning a holiday in September when she would normally be back at school. She says she is not retiring totally, but may do some educational consultancy for the Royal Borough if the opportunity arises. Best of luck Kate.

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