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Sports Day at Herries


(10 July 2013)


ďOn Friday 28th June, 2013 Herries School held its sports day at Braywick race track.  KS1 did their sport races first while KS2 were taking part in their field events.  There were three field events: shotput, discus and long jump.  There was an award for the girls and an award for the boys (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

Then the track events took place.  The first race was the Year 3 60m sprint.  There were plenty of other races that took place too.  The last race was the relay; 6 people from each house took part.  There was also a mumís race and a dadís race.  Lots of the mums and dads cheated but it was a very funny sight for their children.

At the end, the winning house was announced.  Every house did exceptionally well; however, Grahame was the overall winner. George Wilson, Head of Grahame and all of the other people in Grahame were very happy.

Everyone really enjoyed Sports Day and congratulations to everyone in Grahame.

A massive thank you to all the teachers who made Sports Day run smoothly!Ē

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