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Joshua Fundraises After His Make a Splash Win

(14 September 2016)


In March Joshua Mustard from Cookham was the lucky winner of the "Make a Splash" competition in the Maidenhead Advertiser. Joshua was able to invite 100 friends to his Swim Disco at the Magnet in Maidenhead.
He decided to make it a fundraiser for the trim trail for his school, Holy Trinity, and  Gende Tesfa School in Ethiopia.
Tickets went on sale at 8.30am this morning and were selling like hotcakes. 80 tickets have already gone and it is expected that the rest will go today. They are being sold exclusively for HT School.

Joshua would like to thank everyone who has helped him - the Magnet (and Cheeky Charlie!), Sima's Action Kids, the Handmade Cake Company, Mc Donalds and parents, teachers and pupils at HT School. Thanks also to Legoland for supplying the pirate hats.

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