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(posted 22 July 2012)

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There was very good turnout for the first Big Friday Chill at the Jolly Farmer in Cookham on Friday. After a huge downpour around 2.30pm, the sun came out in time for the start of the event at 3.30pm. Lots of families enjoyed the new playground, some high-energy entertainment by Sima's Action kids and the face-painting on offer. Tea and lollies were provided for all the children. The next Big Friday Chill will be at the Crown Pub in Cookham on Friday, 17th August at 3.30pm. Please phone the Crown to reserve a place for your child/children. The cost will be £6 per child, including a cooked tea and entertainment.

Sima Stannage from Sima’s Action Kids: "The start of the school holidays was certainly fun in all respects -  after a huge downpour on Friday, the sun came out for us just in time for the Big Friday Chil, so we could dance, sing and play games in the lovely gardens at the Jolly Farmer. I couldn't have wished for a more fun start to a summer filled with lots of action. I am already looking forward to the next Big Friday Chill at the Crown in Cookham on the 17th August at 3.30pm.“ Mob: 0795 699 3439

For quotes from Laura Kelsey, landlady of the Jolly Farmer, please phone 0798 441 3103

Emmy Costa brought her two children, Kaiden and Becky along and really enjoyed the afternoon: „It was a really relaxing and fun afternoon in the sunshine and the kids loved it,“

Alison Shaw and 4 year old daughter, Erin: „We had not been to the Jolly Farmer before, so the Big Friday Chill was a great introduction to the pub. The new playground has a fantastic range of equipment and all of the children (and there were many!) had lots of fun and plenty to do. The animal carvings rustic charm along with the sit-on wooden tractor. So the Jolly Farmer is now an outdoor character pub!“


Looking for a fun-filled, local family event this summer? Do the kids need to let off some steam at the end of term?

Why not come to the Big Friday Chill? The first event will take place at the Jolly Farmer in Cookham Dean from 3.30pm on Friday, July 20th.

Sima's Action Kids will be performing at 4pm. There will also be face-painting and a kids' tea at 5pm, followed by the chance to play in the new play area at the Jolly Farmer.

Cost: £6 per child ( price includes entertainment and kids' tea). Places are limited so, please contact Laura Kelsey ASAP if you'd like t
o come: or phone: 01628 482905.

The second Big Friday Chill event will take place at the  Crown in Cookham from 3.30pm on Friday, 17th August 

Another Parfitt & Bee Media idea.


I performed at Let’s Rock the Moor, the Cookham Jubilee Street Party and the Maidenhead Carnival this year.

Born in Iran and moved to the UK in the mid70s with my family. We lived in a small village in Nottinghamshire and then moved to Maidenhead in 1983.

 I am married and have 2 daughters; Natasha aged 10 years and Chloe 5 years.

 I have always loved to dance and have been very sporty and active all through my life. 

I have a BA in Economics and a MSc in Exercise & Health Behaviour specialising in children.

I have been working in health and fitness for 20 years. My experiences range from teaching aerobics classes to promoting physical activity to everyone aged from pre-school to the elderly.

I set up Sima’s Action Kids in 2005. I believe that I could pass on my passion for exercise and physical activity to children because they can respond to my energy levels and we all have fun together.

Obesity levels amongst 2 to 4 year olds doubled in the last few decades. This is a worrying fact as toddlers are naturally very energetic. They love and need to run, play and explore the world around them. It is essential to encourage young children to be as active as possible. Not only does this ensure they reduce their future risks of developing diseases but also improves their physical, emotional and mental development and makes them more confident.

I have lived in the Maidenhead area for nearly 30 years. I have a great sense of community and always try to promote my home town by getting involved in local events and activities. We are very lucky to live in a town that is beautiful and we should try to help our children be happy and healthy and to be able to enjoy life as we have done.


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