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More Vandalism in Cookham

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4 June 2007

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Cookham awoke to more vandalism on Sunday morning (June 3rd). A Ford Focus, Peugeot and a VW were found burnt out in the Cookham station car park.
Irene Killingback of Maidenhead Road, a light sleeper was awoken by a massive Boom!  This happened around 3.30am so she called the fire brigade.  During the conversation with 999 another explosion.  Irene donned some clothes and went off to the station to investigate, safe in the knowledge that the Firemen were on the way.

A policeman from the special sciences - forensic department - was on site first thing Sunday morning to sift through, take photos and assess the situation.  Of the two owners present when these photos were taken, one had an insurance policy that supplied a free rental car and the other did not so he's now up for the cost of renting a car until his claim can be sorted. (be warned to check this with your insurers)!


The car owners live opposite this car park and woke up to see their cars as fireballs!  Other cars suffered debris fallout and one had a melted tail-light which was fortunate considering the rest of the damage..

What is Cookham to do about this constant mindless damage.


Is it a personal vendetta or boredom or simply mischief on a massive scale?

The middle car, the Peugeot, already targeted for spare parts recently seems to have been the first car set alight and the two cars on either side were totally gutted as well.

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