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Welcome Home Clive Woodward

(25 November 2003)

He's been away for two months and on Saturday Clive Woodward's England team won the rugby World Cup in a thrilling final in Sydney. The jubilation surrounding the famous 20-17 victory has followed the team across the globe to Clive's home in Cookham.
After flying in to Heathrow in the early hours of Tuesday morning and a massive press conference the Woodwards returned to the sanctuary of their Cookham home, under the giant banner in the High Street. "We had a mysterious call telling us to make sure we drove home through the High street" explained Clive's wife, Jayne. " and we couldn't believe our eyes when we saw it! It's wonderful! Thank you so much"

The Banner in the High Street

The giant banner reads "Congratulations Clive and World Champions England from your Cookham friends and fans!" The banner was made in England's colours of red and white by Fine Signs of Lower Road straight after the result on Saturday morning, and put up by Cookham Fire Brigade on Monday evening. "We had a  discussion with villagers after the game on Saturday" said Roger Fortescue of Fine Signs, "and we are very grateful to the Cookham Parish Council who happily offered to cover the costs." 

 Congratulations Clive

A secret phone call was put into his office at the Rugby Football Union Head Quarters to make sure that Clive saw his welcome as he came home; and the very first call the Woodwards made when they arrived home mid morning on Tuesday was to thank the village for their spontaneous gesture.
"We were amazed! We really love Cookham and this is a truly special welcome home banner. It couldn't have been better!  Thank you so much!"
Several people have been interviewed by the various news crews around the village. Pat from Toy Heaven was able to put a plug in for the Village Charity Afternoon in December which Clive Woodward opened last year. Perhaps he may do it again this year. Berkshire Radio interviewed David Ricardo, one of our Borough Councillors and Liz Kwantes, who was taking photos of the banner, was waylaid by a TV crew, only to appear on the Meridian evening news.

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