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Jeremiah's Make Over

(9 October 2003)

With thanks to Timmy Mallett


What's this? More work at the Reliance shoe repairs? Jerry comes out of his shop to find Andrew Postlethwaite up a ladder repainting the window frames, and doing a lovely "Jerry red" on the door! After that the inside will be painted too and whole shop will look as bright and new as it did when it first opened over 40 years ago. Even the cobwebs will get a lick of paint!

Andrew volunteered his services when he saw the first article in the Maidenhead Advertiser, thank you very much Andrew.   Many other people have also offered help and money to pay for the materials. Many thanks to them too!  Andrew is delighted to be bringing the old shoe shop back to life. He's just finished  restoring the 250 year old apple store at the Parish centre. New roof, new floor,  new door hangings. It looks brilliant. Ready for apples from the orchard or old parish records! Take a look next time you're passing.....

apost.1.jpg (22780 bytes)

Andrew Postlethwaite Finishes off the Make-Over

apost.2.jpg (43734 bytes)

Jeremiah Admires the New Look

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Jeremiah's Updated Outlook

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The Old Look

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