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(6 June 2005)

How many of you remember Cookham Summer FM which took place in the railway station waiting room in 1997 and 1999?  If you enjoyed it then you will be delighted to hear that there will be a Cookham Summer FM 2006.  The planned dates are from 12 June until 9 July and it is hoped that everyone in the Cookhams will get involved in some way.  If you don't want to actually talk on air there are lots of help you can give behind the scenes too. Help is needed in the area of scheduling, programmes, engineering, finance and general admin, plus lots of helpers both day and night.  As before it is planned to run the station for four weeks on FM twenty four hours a day, so we need people to man the station at nights as well as during the day.  
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The Station at the Station

As technology has come a long way in the last few years, people should also be able to produce their own programs on their PCs at home.  It is hoped that there will be training courses for this, so if you are into editing on a PC let the organisers know. It is also planned to spool out so that the programmes can be listened to on the internet. 

David Wade-Smith sorts out the sound at the Quiz at Holy Trinity Primary School during Cookham Summer FM 1999

An Open Evening is planned for 14 September at the Pinder Hall. 7.30pm onwards, so drop in and find out what is happening and see where you can join in.

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Setting up the Programmes

The cost of the station will be around 20,000, so if anyone has any bright ideas on fundraising contact Susan Mather e-mail  One suggestions put forward was special walks around the Cookhams, a dawn chorus, Stanley Spencer and Cookham history.

If you want more information or to offer any help e-mail: or phone 01628 525130

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