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(18 September 2005)

The Cookham Summer FM 2006 Open Evening held at the Pinder Hall on 14th September was a resounding success and around 150 people came along and signed up to help on the 2006 radio station, which will be held at Cookham railway station waiting room.  The Open Evening was opened by Timmy Mallett, who pointed that that we had 672 hours to fill with programmes.  Many of those who had helped with the 1999 radio were there and everyone who remembers the previous Cookham Summer FM said how pleased they were that there was going to be another one.   

Timmy Mallett Introduces Cookham Summer FM 2006

Timmy then introduced the other people who were heading up the various activities, such as Engineering, Fundraising and Broadcasting. In addition people are needed as backroom boys and to be involved in Programme making in advance. 

Can I make a Programme?

As part of the open evening there was an exhibition of photos and memorabilia from the 1999 transmissions, a mini radio station playing clips, lots of information, T-shirts and a bar. 

Memories of Last Time

The cost of the station will be around 20,000, so if anyone has any bright ideas on fundraising contact Susan Mather e-mail  One suggestions put forward was special walks around the Cookhams, a dawn chorus, Stanley Spencer and Cookham history.

If you want more information or to offer any help e-mail: or phone 01628 525130. Click here to get the questionnaire to say that you would like to be involved.

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