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Saturday 22 April 2006

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Alison Rusted Morning Scheduler

Cookham Summer FM now seems to really start to be taking shape and is definitely ON after early worries of funding. At an Open Evening at the Pinder Hall last Wednesday a large number of Cookham residents came along to find out more about the community radio station planned for 12 June until 9 July this year. There were also many people who had already signed up to make programmes and so people were actually able to meet having so far only talked on the phone or in cyberspace.

Cookham Radio Times is Perused         Timmy Mallett        The Bar Wallers   

The schedule so far was pinned up although there are still a few gaps and so there is still room for more people to offer to make programmes. Timmy Mallett welcomed everyone and said how pleased he was with how everything was going. Over 16,000 had now been raised of the 20,000 needed to run the radio and it was going to be possible to stream the transmissions onto the internet, so Cookham can be heard across the world. The actual frequency has now been confirmed by Ofcom, it will be 87.9FM.


There was a bar run by the Bar Wallers, Martin and Neil Waller. Neil is scheduling the evening slot and Martin is involved with the advertising jingles. Stuart Epps can be seen with them. Stuart has had many years in the music industry and has even worked with Elton John.


Andrew Streat from the Maidenhead Advertiser.       Information Tables

The press was there, Andrew from the Maidenhead Advertiser and Dominic from the Midweek Express. Both of them were very keen to be involved. The Maidenhead Advertiser is Cookham Summer FM's largest donor and has given them 3,000.  There were lots of people there to tell those who were new to radio about the things they could do and there was even a list of Situations Vacant so people could see what sort of things they could do to be involved in such a massive enterprise for such a small community.


Getting ready           The Ineluctibles           The Parish Council 


After the success of the Open Day recording started in earnest with the Big Quiz first round. There were two slots with four teams in each, although unfortunately the Village Shopkeepers were unable to make it. Colin Jackson was the Quiz Master. There were three rounds with a buzzer system, which caused some confusion and amusement. The winners of the first slot were the Tarrystone Players and the second slot winners by one point were Holy Trinity Bellringers.


         The Engineering Team              Holy Trinity Bellringers    

Everyone in Cookham is encouraged to take part in Cookham Summer FM so if you would like to join in the fun either in front or behind a microphone go to

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