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Cookham Radio Indian Evening

Saturday 4 March 2006

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Cookham Summer FM continued their fundraising with an Indian Evening at the Pinder Hall on 4 March 2006.  A radio station for four weeks starting 12 June is planned, but over 20,000 is needed to run it, so there is frantic activity to try and reach the target.


The evening was launched by Timmy Mallett who is a co-ordinator of Cookham Summer FM.  He asked for everyone to take part in the radio station and then presented Mandy Brar, who had organised the Indian evening with a beautiful bunch of flowers. Liz Kwantes was also given a lovely bunch of flowers much to her surprise for assisting Mandy in the setting of the evening.


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After the first course, which was delicious, there was Indian dancing, the only criticism was it did not go on long enough. There were three different acts which were quite breathtaking.


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Then came the main course and desserts followed by a raffle which seemed to have a lot of bottles in it. Although Peter Bysshe won a Timmy Mallet mallet. He said it may come in useful with some of his clients. 



The bar did particularly well selling wines, beers including Cobra and soft drinks. The red wine ran out after the first course, so Lynda Mallett had to rush out and get some more.  The bar was looked after by Neil and Martin Waller, who had thrown themselves into the part with specially printed T-Shirts displaying 'BAR WALLER' on the front. It was an evening enjoyed by all.




Everyone in Cookham is encouraged to take part in Cookham Summer FM so if you would like to join in the fun either in front or behind a microphone go to

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