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Mary Donnelly Celebrates Her 90th Birthday 

(20 May 2001)

Many people in Cookham must know Mary Donnelly, wife of Henry Donnelly who sadly died in 1996. Henry was a Parish Councillor, District Councillor and County Councillor and in spite of being well on in his 80's continued to work selflessly for the community of Cookham. Mary was often left in his shadow, but since his death has become quite a personality in her own right. With no one to drive her any more she purchased an electric buggy. Taking it from her home in High Road down to Countrystore she broke down, having an AA card she phoned up the AA to come and help. Their reply was that they did not maintain electric cars, however they did come out and got her home. She is often seen driving around in her buggy and has become quite self sufficient.

Three of Mary's Neighbours Share a Joke at Mary's Birthday Celebrations

Mary held her party at the WI Hall in Cookham Dean on Sunday 20th May, although she actually had her birthday on 17 May. Her family had come from around the country to be there and one of her daughters had organised all the food, which she had brought down from Yorkshire. She is a caterer and on Saturday she had been organising food for a wedding. As soon as she was finished she started preparations for her mother's birthday which was the following day. There was an amazing assortment of nibbles, followed by a buffet selection of cold meats and salads. For dessert there was the most amazing assortment of  puddings, beautifully decorated, and full of an enormous amount of calories.

Mary Blows out the Candles

Puddings were followed by Mary's beautifully decorated birthday cake, although she did not have ninety candles on it. She was helped to cut the cake by her daughter Bridget and her grandson William. She is also a great grandmother, but her great grandchild was too small to come.

Birthday cake was accompanied by champagne. We look forward to your 100th birthday celebrations next Mary!!

Champagne is poured out for the Toast

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