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Waking Up to Snow in Cookham

(6 April 2008)

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The village woke up to freezing temperatures and a gorgeous blanket of snow.  At five past seven there was an enormous flash of lightning and crack of thunder unusually in the middle of a night of heavy snowfall.

As dawn broke there was a scene of winter wonderland. people rushed to get their sledges out and headed to Winter Hill for some snowman, sledging fun.....

The trains started running on the branch line at 10ish and for once snow on the line didn't stop them or the joggers!

The trees were sparkling with snow especially on the western side where the storm had brought the snow.

Gorse bushes had trouble showing their yellow blooms under the thick white blanket  and this morning's sportsmen were treated to the sight of the big paddle steamer going along the Thames - magical.

Sadly the day warmed up too quickly for some and the snow was mostly gone by lunchtime - but more is forecast so don't put away the sledges just yet!

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