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Monet Houses of ParliamentMasters of the Misty Landscape

(19 March 2005)



At a meeting in the New Year at Holy Trinity Parish Centre to discuss fundraising for the Tsunami Disaster, one of the suggestions was a talk with lunch.  Marion Elly took on this project and it came to fruition this Friday 18 March. The talk took place at the Chartered Institute of Marketing, who gave their facilities for free as a donation towards the Tsunami Appeal. The lecturer was Ann Clement whose talk was linked to the Exhibition which is currently being held at Tate Britain with works by Whistler, Turner and Monet.

Ann Clement Prepares for the Lecture

Tickets had been sold out weeks in advance and so the CIM was packed. The lecture was excellent that combined scholarship and entertainment and kept the audience enthralled for over one and half hours. 

The exhibition at Tate Britain finishes on 12 May 2005. Click here for more information.

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