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(15 May 2012)

Sir Winston Churchill once said: ďWe make a living by what we do, but we make a life by what we giveĒ. If the late Prime Minister were to visit Cookham today, he would undoubtedly be very impressed by the number of volunteers who donate their time to local worthwhile causes and who enrich our local community. One such event which exemplifies this spirit of volunteerism is Letís Rock the Moor. 


When thousands of 80s fans flock to the family-friendly concert next Saturday to see the likes of Midge Ure, Bananarama, Tony Hadley and Nick Heyward, around 100 volunteers from all walks of life will be working behind the scenes to make the event possible. The two charities which support Letís Rock the Moor, the Wooden Spoon and the Link Foundation, have helped to provide volunteers from organisations like the Cookham Dean Cricket Club, the Maidenhead Rugby Club and individuals have also come forward and offered their skills and experience.


"Many of our volunteers have been with us since we started Letís Rock the Moor in 2009," says organiser, Nick Billinghurst. ďThey have helped set up and take down the arena fencing, they have cleared up rubbish, helped on the entrance and marshalled the ever-growing crowds who come to Marsh Meadow for the event. They sign up every year because they obviously enjoy doing it, but also because they see the great benefit it brings not just to the charities we support, but also to the wider community."


 Some of the childrenís entertainment this year will be provided by volunteers. Sima Stannage from Simaís Action Kids will be returning to the event with some high-energy music and dance entertainment for the under 10s. Sima, who has recently been nominated for two national awards for best childrenís party entertainment and best local activity for the under 5s, says:


" I am really looking forward to performing again at Letís Rock the Moor because it celebrates the best of 80s music which I grew up with, so it will be very nostaligic for me. ItĎs an amazing opportunity to be involved in a event that brings the focus of whole country to Cookham and uses our beautiful countryside in the Royal Borough. I can't wait and just hope the sun is shinning like it did last year."

team of volunteers from Herries Preparatory School in Cookham Dean, led by parent Helen Mason, will be manning the childrenís play area, so that toddlers can let off some steam in a safe environment. All of the toys are being generously provided by the Holy Trinity Toddler Group at the Parish Centre in Cookham, which has been running for about 20 years.


index.1.jpg (35618 bytes)"Herries has long been a part of the Cookham community and is proud to associate itself with Rock The Moor which has achieved so much success since its inception," says governor and parent, Nigel Watts.ď A close community spirit has always existed in Cookham and the school has a history of participation in many of the local events from Dragon Boat racing through to local fund raising, Rock the moor is another superb example of how the local community can collaborate and stage another wonderful event."


Similarly, Charlotte Strudwicke, who runs the Holy Trinity Toddler Group chose to help out because she loves the spirit of philanthropy and fun behind Letís Rock the Moor. She also hopes to spread the word about the toddler sessions on a Thursday and Trinity Nippers on a Tuesday, so that new families to the area hear about them and donít feel isolated.


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*Sima Stannage has been nominated for two Whatís on for Little Ones Awards:

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