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Cookham Library Project Well on its Way

(29 January 2002)

How many of you can remember the old library in High Road.  Last summer is got pulled down and a temporary library was set up at Whyteladyes Lane while the new building was erected.  


Work is going well on the new project and it is hoped that it will be handed over to the community in mid March.

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The old library with its leaky roof

Work commenced in the summer of 2001 and the library was demolished.

The library is demolished

The new facilities will not only have a new library, but also a cyber café, new Parish Offices and a Community Room. 

The new library starts to grow

On 28th January the Steering Committee, who have been involved with the project since is was initially suggested by Headteacher Kate Littlefield as long ago as 1997, were allowed a preview of the new building.  Hard hats had to be worn as work is still in progress.  

Headteacher, Kate Littlefield, tries on her hard hat, as Borough Councillor Alan Jay looks on

The current Parish Office at Elizabeth House will be closed and moved to the new site. This will be much welcomed by the Parish Council, who, for over 100 years, have never had a 'home' of their own. As the Parishes become more important with one stop shop facilities it is important that these new facilities are available for the residents of Cookham. 

The Parish Clerk, David Armstrong, and the Parish Council Chairman, Tony Prichard look at the new Parish Office

There will also be a Community room, which will be carpeted, but will have a 'wet' area for those who wish to have such things as painting or art classes. It will not be a large room, but small enough for a comfortable meeting room. It is not intended to be used for discos or a Youth Club, which was a worry of some residents. 

The Community Room with a kitchen facility in the corner

The new library will be larger than the old one.  It will also have a separate 'cyber café' containing six computers with high speed ADSL line.  In addition there will be four computers in the actual library itself.  Individuals will be able to book the computer room for computer training. 

The new, spacious library with a cyber café attached

During the building it is planned to bury the Cookham Time Capsule. So anyone who has not prepared their family history there are only a few weeks left. 

The main entrance

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