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New Library Now Open

(27 April 2002)

The new library in High Road is now complete, along with the Parish Office and a fantastic Community Room. There is also a cyber room with 6 computers.

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The old library with its leaky roof

It seems a long time ago when in the mid 1990s Kate Littlefield, headteacher at Cookham Rise Primary School and School Governor, Kathy Rickman first talked about the project, which also included new classrooms for Cookham Rise School. In Autumn 1997 a meeting was arranged with all interested parties and the project was divided into two phases. The first phase was the addition of new classrooms, these were opened in 2000.

The library is demolished

The second phase was the Community Project. The Parish Council were particularly pleased as it will be the first time that they have had a home in over one hundred years of existence.

The new library starts to grow

It is planned to have the grand opening of the Library on 18 May with Lorraine Kelly actually opening it.

The Library Ready for Visitors

The Parish Office will have a separate opening, this will be by Dr David Mercer. The Cookham Time Capsule will be buried at the same time in front of the Parish Council Office window.

The New Library is much more spacious than the old one, with a bright airy atmosphere

The new library room is a great improvement on the old facility and a lot larger. It should be very much appreciated by Cookham residents.

The Computer Room

A welcome addition is the Computer Room which contains six computers all linked to the internet. These are available to all residents at no charge.

The Community Room with Wet Area

At the back of the building is a carpetted Community Room, which will be ideal for meetings, after school clubs and special activities, as there is a wet area for artistic groups. There is a rule that no music is allowed, so there will be no discos.

The Parish Office

The Parish Office are soon to move from Elizabeth House. David Armstrong is extremely excited, as he will have broadband high speed access to the internet and a large pleasant room to work in.

Take the opportunity of visiting the new facility, it is well worth a visit.

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