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The Olympic Torch in Maidenhead

posted 11 July 2012

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The Olympic torch had an eventful day on it's trip through Berkshire. A streaker greeted it in Henley, the Queen met the runners in the rain at Windsor, and in Maidenhead it was met by Union Jack wrapped Timmy Mallett!

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The Olympic Torch cavalcade came through Maidenhead on Tuesday July 10th. Lots of Cookhamites watched at the junction of Furze Platt Road and Switchback road where a changeover happened and a local Bourne End runner took over. Furze Platt school was out in force to cheer it on its way.

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The torch is preceded by the cheerleading bus and sponsors Coca Cola handing out free coke, and the Lloyds TSB bus which got a much less enthusiastic welcome - bankers aren't popular these days....

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But the whole thing is over before it's begun and people having waved their flags and cheered looked around wanting something more.

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So some headed off to other parts of the town to watch again - the Waitrose roundabout by the Fire Station was a good point and then cycled along to the end point at Maidenhead Bridge giving people something else to cheer!


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