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(17 February 2002)

Penny Bysshe, Cookham resident for the last thirty years and who has taught in the state and private sectors for 20 years has set up an Educational Consultancy to advise on educational matters from pre-school through  to university. Penny provides a personal service and assists parents to choose the school, be it independent or state, that best suits their child’s educational needs.  She works for companies who relocate employees to the Thames valley and the South East region and also with individual families in this area.  

Penny Launches on a New Career

Most parents would agree that finding a school which will bring out the best in their child is one of the most important decisions they have to make. Penny knows that parents benefit greatly from expert and impartial advice when making this decision.


Over the years Penny has built up a detailed knowledge of both independent and state schools in the area.  “Teaching for 20 years has given me a good insight in what to look for in a school, and how to judge a school. I hope parents will benefit from being given professional, independent and personal guidance, which is tailored to the needs of their child. I have an in depth knowledge of local schools and the workings of LEAs and Appeals and can also advise parents on independent schools.”


Penny helps parents who are experiencing problems with the transition of their child from primary to secondary education. Gaining a place at the preferred secondary school can sometimes be a nightmare – especially where a Grammar school is involved or if the chosen school is out of area.  “Many parents appreciate an explanation of the transition process and just need advice on the possibilities open to them. But if they wish to take their case further, I can help them with Admission Appeals” says Penny.


Penny Bysshe can be contacted on 01628 810696 or e-mail 

Click here to go to Penny’s web site for further details about the services she offers.

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