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An Accident Waiting to Happen

(26 June 2001)

Anyone who has driven under Cannondown Railway Arch since the Borough Council changed the road layout last year will agree that it is dangerous. Although Cookham Parish Council have been telling Mr Steve Greaves at the Royal Borough about this, he continues to maintain that it is perfectly safe.

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One of the cars involved

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Today, just after 8.00am, during the rush hour, he was proved wrong when two cars driving towards Cookham were badly damaged when they had to break hard to avoid a car coming the other way, that seemingly had ignored the give way sign. The crash happened under the arch. Two young commuters driving to work were the victims of Borough complacency. One driver, a young girl from Nightingale Court, was injured and was taken to hospital. 

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Maidenhead Road, site of the accident

It is often difficult to see if cars are coming from Maidenhead due to the bend in the road. It had been suggested that the give way sign was on the wrong side of the bridge. The Borough Council said it had to be that side as there would otherwise be traffic tail back problems into Whyteladyes Lane.
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One of the cars involved

Councillor Mandy Brar, who fought hard over many years to try and improve the safety at Cannondown Railway Arch said that she was not surprised that this had happened. The Borough Council had ignored comments from the Parish Council maintaining that there was no problems. Even Councillor Michael Lawrence, leader of the Borough Council admitted that he found it dangerous when driving along Maidenhead Road.

If you would like to contact the Borough Council about this road and tell them that it is not safe in spite of their assertions to the contrary, e-mail or phone 01628 796534.

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