It looks like the Royal Borough Council have heard us and are starting to patch Long Lane up!!

Update the Royal Borough's FIX-IT on line for bad roads in the area.

Bigfrith is in dire need of repair.
Parts of Choke Lane are getting as bad as Long Lane
Whilst Long Lane is undoubtedly the worst, the vote for urgent attention must go to Choke Lane as this is a more heavily used route.
Resurfaced recently, but with what?
I drove up Dean Lane this evening and it was like driving over a corrugated iron roof. The potholes that have been filled in are badly done and then there are the potholes that are not done. I cannot believe that in this day and age we need to have roads in this condition.
There are various potholes, erosion to the sides and an uneven surface. Now that Long Lane is being patched up this must be the worst road in Cookham.
Dean Lane looks more like a pocket sprung mattress than a road.
The whole of Dean Lane is like a roller coaster, but where it meets Quarry Wood there are numerous pot holes.
Poor repair and dangerous junction with Startins Lane and Cookham Dean Bottom.
They repaired Quarry Wood last year and then left Dean Lane, which is like a patchwork quilt, with all the potholes that have been patched up and then keep appearing again.
Lack of maintenance for many years
High Road is a disgrace, it is full of potholes, some with yellow squares round. The council waste their time filling them up and a few days later there is a hole there again.
There is a very large pothole on the bend at the bottom of High Road. It is also potted with holes all the way up and looks like a patchwork quilt.
Between the entrance to the Cemetery and Maidenhead Road, the road surface has started to break up badly. Several pot holes have appeared, one a lot bigger and deeper than the others. Surely a person having their last ride before being laid to rest can enjoy a smooth one? Also this road is used by many horse riders of all ages, and I hate to think of the injuries that could be caused to both rider and horse if the wrong step was taken.( Likely to end up in the Cemetery). Attention to this area must be given top priority.
There's hardly any of it left!
Long Lane has got to be the worst road in Cookham. It is a disgrace. Most of the road is washed away.
In places, No road exists.
I would like the council to inspect Long Lane from Lower Mount Farm up to the top of the hill.
As for the top of Long Lane if you drive a 4WD and attempt to negotiate it all I can liken it to is driving off road over a ploughed field - in fact the field would be smoother.
We may as well not bother to have Long Lane as a road anymore. There is more earth on it than tarmac. Is it still adopted?
I would nominate a large pothole on the High Street junction with School Lane in Cookham Village. I hit it last week which resulted in a new tyre, wheel and wheel trim 200 total. Since reporting it to the council they have filled in the pot hole and sent me an insurance claim form. It makes me wonder how much money they are paying out each year for this type of incident. If the roads were better maintained the council would surely be saving money overall.
The Parade Car Park was in terrible condition, but someone seems to have patched it up since this poll started.
Lower end of Spring Lane. Pot Hole. 18ins across. 4ins deep.
Large pothole
Attention should be given A S A P to a fairly big pothole 3ins deep, just before you drive on to the river bridge on the Cookham side. Perhapes the Parish Council could put a warning sign up, to warn Cyclists/Motor Cyclists of the dangerous road surface?
I can't understand why one bump is so badly damaged compared to the others. I think the contractors should have offered some sort of guarantee. They were only installed in 1997.
Many thanks to the person who carried out the temporary repairs to the middle speed hump in the Pound 
One of the speed bumps in the Pound. If it continues to fall apart at the present rate it will be a speed trench soon !
There is a trough where Whyteladyes Lane meets Lower Road. Whyteladyes Lane itself is a mass of potholes and patches.
There is a huge pothole going down the hill towards Maidenhead Road on the left hand side on that dangerous bend.
Very uneven road surface
Some of Whyteladyes Lane has been repaired into the Broom Hill area and the rest has been left in the most awful state. Why one earth didn't they do more when they had the equipment etc there, rather than having to bring it all back again. It is so inefficient.
Whyteladyes Lane is a bus route. It is not fair on drivers or the bus company to leave it in such a state.
I think Cookham must have the worst roads in Berkshire if not the Country. 


Thank you Cookham Webmaster for giving the general public a chance to show the Parish council where the worst road surfaces are in the three Cookhams. We were hoping that through the pages of this Website, the council would inform us more of their intentions regarding such items as the repairs to the Cookhams roads, as this is not happening then perhapes we the public can help by telling them where to look and perhaps take action. I would like the council to inspect Long Lane from Lower Mount farm up to the top of the hill. One of these days the rate-payers will be landed with a large bill from a very unhappy person whose car had to have repairs carried out to the suspension, or Hospital bills. Please Mr Armstrong and your council members do not allow this to happen. Come on Cookham lets help and report the bad spots!!

Perhaps this idea could be extended to highlight other issues which regularly appear on the cookham site ... planning application sites or road works for example.

Cookham's roads are in a state that the Romans would have thought deplorable - theirs were excellent compared to what we have to put up with.

I know only too well about the 'speed trench' in the Pound, and as for the top of Long Lane if you drive a 4WD and attempt to negotiate it all I can liken it to it driving off road over a ploughed field - in fact the field would be smoother.

I would also like to add that there is a dip, something akin to a drainage ditch, across Whyteladyes Lane not far from the junction with High Road. I dread to think what could happen to someone with a dodgy back being transported across it, its bad enough with a healthy one!

I believe that there were suggestions of having white markers, reflective strips or something similar on the bumps, but it was turned down due to the fact that it is a conservation area and would not look very nice. I am sure it could be done in the best possible taste, with a bit of thought though.

Concerning the various ratings of poor quakity roads, I wonder what the thinking was behind the repair of the surface in Broomhill recently whilst leaving Gorse Rd untouched and just as bad as Broomhill ever was?

How pleasing it is to know that somebody in authority has taken notice of this web site, and authorized the temporary repairs to be carried out to Long Lane. Thank you to all concerned. We hope that the prompt attention shown to this dangerous road will be carried out to the other bad spots in the Cookhams.

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