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(8 October 2004)

With thanks to Robin Cruse

"   Last weekend, Sarah Cruse, 21, of Westwood Green, flew to the island of Reunion for a year as part of her university degree course which is French with Translation Studies. Her role there will be to help teach English in two schools located in the township of Sainte Suzanne.

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Sarah Cruse

Reunion is in the Indian Ocean, part of the Mascareignes group. It is a French overseas 'departement' whose multi- cultural society comprises people from Asian, African and French extraction. Predominantly, French is spoken there with some Creole but no English!   A perfect place to practise your French. 

Remote Reunion Villages

During her time there in the tropical sun, Sarah hopes to enjoy water sports, paragliding and maybe a hike to the summit of one of the worlds most active volcanoes which exists in the south of the island.

   We look forward to a full report on her return."


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