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Goodbye Sam and Rhonda

(31 May 2006)

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with thanks to Peter Turner

Bank Holiday Monday 29th May 2006 was the end of an eighteen year stay in Cookham for Sam and Rhonda Serman who have run the Cookham Dean Post Office for all of that time. Sam and Rhonda seem to be going as far away from Cookham as they can get and will be settling in Inverness where they have already found a house. Pam Campin gave a short farewell speech to say goodbye and commented on the number of people who had come along.


Everyone gathers outside the Cookham Dean Post Office

An oak tree was planted in their honour by Curly Carver and an additional cheque for 1,000 was given as a final farewell present topping up the one they had been given in the spring, so they can start life in Scotland with a small nest egg. Curly says that the oak tree is one of the most environmentally friendly trees that could be chosen as it houses around 250 species.

Sam helps Curly Carver Plant the Oak

It was then time to open the champagne with a loud pop. Unfortunately there was only one bottle, but Sam and Rhonda managed to get a glass each.

Champagne for Sam and Rhonda

The Cookham Dean Post Office is now shut until next Monday when the new owners will be opening the doors again. 

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