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Hello again Sam and Rhonda

by Alan Jay
(21 June 2006)

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As promised on our Cookham FM programme on 7th June, Sheila and I duly visited Sam and Rhonda in Inverness, as by coincidence, we were staying in nearby Aviemore with my Brother-in-Law, and we took them a recording of the programme, which included recordings of all the presentations made to them prior to their departure from Cookham Dean.


We are pleased to say that they were in excellent spirits and health, and yes - particularly Sam.

The weather was not in such good spirits, and the tides were not right for us to go seal watching in the Cromarty Firth, an occupation that both of them have taken up! They still feel that they are on holiday and not in the real world , as they are still living in a caravan. The current date for occupancy of their new 4 bedroomed bungalow is mid July. They took us to see this in the village of Alness, North of Black Isle but only 20 minutes from Inverness by the A9 and The Kessock bridge.


We took a few photographs. Does anything look familiar? Captions please to !!

Home sweet home?

Perhaps Sam has found his vocation?

New Home

Sam and Rhonda would love to hear from anyone, particularly if they are passing nearby and their e-mail address is

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