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(10 June 2003) was delighted to hear that the exploits of their Technical Support guru are on the BBC website, with a link from the BBC front page.  Simon Bysshe, who is currently studying Art at Winchester College of Art has recently produced a short film on gaming.  Not the Countryside Alliance type of gaming or the blackjack sort, but online gaming.  This is becoming an extremely popular sport, where people will play games against each other and quite often never actually meet, but then others may also get together in small groups to enjoy their gaming passion.

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Simon Bysshe

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Under the headline 'Gaming Film Shoots to Thrill' on the BBC website, an article about Simon's film can be seen at  Simon says that since he made his film about online gaming, he has raised a great deal of interest.  Not only has his website been deluged with 'hits', he has been contacted by magazines wanting to write about his film and in addition he has been offered a job over the summer vacation with one of the top communications companies in the world.

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Online gaming in action

Simon is hoping to continue with his filming of on-line gaming and has been commissioned to film the on-line gaming championships this summer which will take him to South Korea.

If you want to see Simon's film it can be downloaded from although you will find that there may be a lot of people competing with you to access it. 

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