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Progress at Strande Lane

posted 11 October 2004

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(with thanks to Billy Mallet)



The Strande lane roadworks are nearing completion. The contractors have done a brilliant job, raising the road level over a metre, putting in flood relief channels, and protecting the lot with stone and earthworks. The trees along the road way will need further pruning and the old dead willow tree that the Environment Agency didn't want to chop out will have to go. It  breaks through the fence and looks ridiculous. Often these things aren't obvious until the work nears completion. Gas and water pipes are about to go in and then there will be three levels of compacted gravel for the road surface. No tarmac is planned at this stage because - it's only a track! Funny how they've gone to motorway level of road building and then want to skimp on a nice bit of tar and chippings which would give the road surface years of life. But we wait to see. It may yet happen!

Nice job, we say.




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