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  Sutton Road Vodaphone Mast

Model Letter

29 September 2003


29 September 2003


Mr Peter Carey

Planning & Environment

Royal Borough of Windsor & Maidenhead

Aston House

York Road





Dear Mr Carey,


Planning Application 03/40810


I am writing to object to the proposal to erect a telecommunications mast in Sutton Road, Cookham.  This is an unwelcome and unnecessary development and I believe the application should be declined on the grounds below:


Visual Impact


The proposed mast, and pair of control cabinets will have a hugely detrimental effect on the immediate surroundings.  Cookham is widely regarded as the one of the most aesthetically pleasing villages on the Thames and I believe that this proposal will damage this status, particularly at the approach to the village.


The location is in a prominent roadside position, is unscreened and will interfere with views of neighbouring countryside, particularly those towards Cliveden which is a striking local landmark set on a prominent skyline. 




The mast is unsuitably positioned very close to houses and near Holy Trinity Primary School.  It is visible from the nearby conservation area and is on the border of the Green Belt.  It is not clear why a mast is needed here - other networks provide good coverage from remote sites such as that at White Place Farm, why can’t Vodaphone use that existing site?


Road Safety


Sutton Road is a busy thoroughfare.  There is not any suitable parking for technicians servicing or repairing the mast.


Planning Policy


The proposal appears to contradict planning policy - in particular the Royal Borough’s objections to the siting of masts on public land and compliance with the code of best practice governing siting and design of telecommunications masts.


Radio Frequency Radiation


I am concerned about the potential health hazards presented by radiation from the proposed mast.  In the absence of conclusive evidence that such radiation does not present a threat, masts should not be situated close to populated areas and schools.


Please ensure that these objections are conveyed to the planning committee..


Yours faithfully,

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