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Launch of Cookham Festival 2007 


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(21 November 2006)

Michael Johnstone the Festival organiser

The count down to the Cookham Festival 2007 has started with a launch party at Winter Hill Golf Club on the evening of 17th November 2006.  In the past the Cookham Festival has been named the Trinity Festival, but it was felt that this gave the impression of a Festival for Holy Trinity Church and not for the whole of Cookham.  Michael Johnstone is again the tireless organiser of the Festival which is taking place from 26 April until 7 May 2007. There are lots of ideas, some still in embryo format. 


One of the highlights of the Festival will be a copy of the painting of the Spencer painting Dinner on the Lawn, the twist being that it will be divided into 70 pieces for 70 different artists to paint their piece. The whole thing will then be put together.


Dinner on the Lawn     Mohini Davis and Chrissy Rosenthal     Gail Dorrington with one of her paintings

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