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Launch of Trinity Festival 2005 

(19 November 2004)

The count down to the Trinity Festival 2005 has started with a launch party at Hitachi's Headquarters. Wine and refreshments were available and a preview of what was planned for the actual festival which takes place from 22 April to the 2nd May 2005 was outlined by Michael Johnson who is once again master minding the Festival.. This one is the most ambitious ever and should allow something for everyone, both young and old.

Wine and Nibbles

The actual programme covers all areas of the arts with art exhibtions, including Guys and Dolls which involves making a Guy or Doll to exhibit in your front garden or wherever you feel appropriate.  Perhaps some of the Societies might like to add to the collection. There were some on show, which were very impressive. One was made out of plastic cups and another out of flowerpots.

Gail Dorrington's Scarecrow

(with thanks to Timmy Mallett)

There are to be Digital photography workshops again, musical days and evenings of all types including a Didgeridu Workshop.  Some of the Didgeridus were on show and some intrepid individuals had a blow. 

Lynda Mallet, John Hedger and Marianne Stork have a blow

Cookham's Big Read is also going to be part of the Festival.  This will be the first ever communal read for Cookham.  The book chosen is Wilkie Collin's spooky story 'The Woman in White' which is now an Andrew Lloyd Weber musical. Ottakers were at Hitachi with a good stock of the book for anyone who wants to join in with the read.

The Big Read 'The Woman in White'

The Trinity Festival used to be a regular feature of Cookham in years gone by, but it somehow stopped happening as people became busier and busier.  It was however resurrected by Jonathon Miall in 2001 and is now a biennial occurrence. 


The Box Office opens on 21st March 2005 at the Stationery Depot, 

Mandy McAllen enjoys Reg Willsher's organ playing!!!!

(with thanks to Timmy Mallett)

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