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Trinity Festival - Piano Variations

with thanks to Penny Bysshe


(27 April 2005)


pianov7.jpg (39950 bytes)On Tuesday 26th April, a concert entitled Piano Variations was organised at the Pinder Hall as part of the Trinity Festival where local musicians demonstrated the delight and versatility of the piano, including jazz and Schubert Songs.  Everyone raved about Aidan Glover and his jazz piano playing and in the first half was accompanied by Anna Higgs who has a lovely jazz voice and a delightful personality. . One person said how she envied Reg Wilsher for being able to play with so much enjoyment, and to be able to sit down with a piano for relaxation.
Gillian Salmon, well known Cookham musician who performs with the Cantorum choir played complicated Dvorak duets with Helena Brown.
Clara Matthews age 16 played a powerful Brahms Rapsody without music!
Then she was joined by Gillian and Helena who all played the one piano with Six hands and a delightful piece by Gautier - absolutely delightful, tuneful piece. 
Eleanor Griffiths - a well known Cantorum singer with a beautiful rich contralto voice played three of the best known Schubert songs which  demonstrated the perfection of Schubert's piano writings.
The whole evening gave great delight to the audience

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The Lady Performers Are Given a Thank You Basket

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