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Pinder Hall Leap Year Quiz  

(posted 8 March 2008)

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The Pinder Hall got together with Rotary for their annual quiz fundraiser this year. It was packed with eighteen tables of eight people. The Pinder Hall has been busy fundraising for refurbishment of the hall. New blackout blinds were purchased and during their installation problems with the window frames and roof were discovered. They are also planning a make over of the kitchen which was last renovated over fifteen years ago.

John Hedger - Question Master

The quiz master was John Hedger with questions thought up by Nigel Topping with a selection of questions on topics such as Nicknames, Jazz Classics where Nigel gave a live performance for each of the questions and Elizabeths. One of the Elizabeth questions included Pinder Hall chairman's New Year Honour, Liz's table managed to get it wrong but did get half a point for getting her name right.

Rotary Man the Bar

The quiz was broken up with supper and the opportunity to sort out Ding Bat questions, one caused problems with BLOT printed vertically, it turned out to be a typo and the answer was Bolt Upright. The wine flowed and judging by the noise everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Question setter Nigel Topping with question marker Jean Hedger

The quiz finished up with a raffle and the announcement of the winning team, which turned out to be librarian Sue Stacey's table. A good time was had by all and it seems that over 1,500 was raised.

A Packed Hall

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