Who Needs to Apply? 
Those residents who require vehicle access from the highway to forecourts, private parking areas, driveways etc., who do not have planning permission for a highway vehicle crossing. 

What to do? 

Stage 1
Obtain Planning Permission

Planning permission is required under Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 1995, Schedule 2, Part 2, Class B.

Application forms will be made available upon request from the Local Planning Authority. Please note that before any Planning Application is made, the following requirements should be carefully considered. 

  • Width of Private Drive required - Minimum 2.7 metres. 

  • Length of Private Drive required - Minimum 4.8 metres 

Requests for Planning Application Forms should be made to the following address: 

The Development Control Manager Aston House, York Road, 
Berkshire, 5L4 IDD 
Tel: 01753 810525 


Please note a charge of 95 will be made for this service

Stage 2
Obtain Highway Licence

Before a vehicle crossing can be constructed it is necessary to obtain the appropriate highway licence. The Highway Authority is responsible processing applications and where Planning Permission has been obtained this process is usually a simple formality. The Royal Borough currently provides this service free of charge. 
Applications for Highway Licences can be obtained from: 

Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead 

Planned Highways Maintenance Team 

York Stream House 

Maidenhead SL6 IRF 

Stage 3
Constructing a drop kerb and vehicle crossing 
Applicants are responsible for making arrangements with a competent contractor to carry out the construction of the drop kerb and vehicle crossing. The Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead will offer to undertake these works as part of the main highway construction scheme at a discounted rate 150. The vehicle crossing may be constructed at a later date but arrangements will have to be made by the applicant with a competent contractor. 

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