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Lower Road Resurfacing Starts 

Repair of Lower Road started on November 6th. Residents were shaken awake by the sound of pneumatic drills commencing the long awaited repairs to the road, which villagers and the Parish Council have been complaining about for a long time.

The work will take approximately four weeks. It is being done in sections with single file traffic. There will be a temporary road closure in place between Monday 27th November and Friday 1st December. This will be needed to prevent through traffic. So we should have a new road surface by Christmas.


The work will include reinstating the existing kerbs to a higher level than before to meet current highway requirements. This may cause problems for those residents who normally park in the front of their homes and for whom the pavement has not been lowered. Residents in this position may be able to apply for Planning Permission to maintain access to their driveways. To obtain Planning Permission the width of the private drive must be a minimum of 2.7 meters and the length of the private drive must be a minimum of 4.8 meters. Anyone who thinks they may need Planning Permission and requires more information can contact John Rippon, the Project Engineer, on 01628 796513 or press the Guidance Notes button.



If anyone would like further information or has any queries they can contact Customer Services at the Royal Borough on 01628 796150.

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