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Tate Modern comes to Cookham Rise

Cookham Rise School held a display of the childrens' drawings, paintings, sculptures and models, on 20th June.  In spite of England playing Rumania there was a terrific turnout at Cookham Rise School for a display of the childrens' artistic creativity. Rosie Smith, their 'Artist in Residence', had spent a week with the children to create a display that put the Tate Modern in the shade.  There were swans, insects, paintings, waterlilies, Aborigine 'memory' poles,that told a story of part of your life. The poles will be put on permanent display outside the school building.

Mrs Kitchener's class designed 'minibeasts'.

Eat your heart out Sir Stanley!

A recent visit to Kew inspired water lily leaves.

Aborigine sticks tell a story

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