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Keep Fit on the Alfred Major

4 November 2008


(with thanks to Brilliant TV)

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Every time a building project is allowed the developer pays something called 106 money to the local council to support local amenities. Cookham Parish Council have decided to spend some of this money on keep fit equipment that is currently being installed on the Alfred Major for any adults to use. It is hoped that the project will be completed in the next few weeks. 
Keeping Fit Already? Oh It's The Installers!

The Parallel Bars

Body Curl

Stretch Bars

Councillor Roger Piercey who is a Fitness instructor has had quite a lot of input and is hoping to give people ideas on how they can work out on the equipment. Wander up to Alfred Major and have a go.


Not to be outdone Cookham Rise Primary School have added a more rustic play area to their recreation area.

Cookham Rise Primary School Keeping Up with the Joneses

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