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Flowers and Veg 

(22 September 2004)

The allotment holders of Cookham now have their hard work bearing fruits, literally.  So it is also the time of the Parish Council Allotment Awards. There are three prizes one for each of the allotments in Cookham.  That is Sutton Road, Cookham Rise and Alleyns Lane.

This year the winners are 

Sutton Allotments Mr R. Johnson
Cookham Rise Allotments Mr B. Jones
Cookham Dean Allotments  Mr J. Bertram

The evening of Tuesday 21 September was when the awards were made.  Pat Woodbridge, Chairman of the Parish Council presented them to the winners.

If you are interested in renting an allotment, contact Janet Wheeler, Clerk to the Parish Council, on 01628 522003.

Mr Bertram displays his certificate

In addition the gardens in Cookham are now being judged for the Garden in Bloom Awards.  This year there was a competition amongst the school children of Cookham for a new certificate that could be presented to winners.  The winner was six years old.

The Winning Entry


Runner Up Emma Forbes-Geary

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