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The Cookham Plan

Wednesday 28 June 2006

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Over 100 people turned up at Pinder Hall  on Wednesday evening to pitch in their ideas for the Cookham Plan.


Richard Simmons and Chrissy Rosenthal organised a round the room set of themes for people to pitch in their proposals for  car parking, sports facilities, a Cookham police house, business and residential development, wind farms and environmental ideas.



Under the headings Places, People, Development, Environment, Economy and transport


In a busy couple of hours all sorts of people came up with all sorts of suggestions...


  • extend the railway to Wycombe again.

  • cycle paths along Sutton Road and Widbrook, and along the Thames Path.

  • Footpaths and cycle ways in Cookham Dean

  • Car park on the Moor/ Marsh Meadow

  • one way systems around the schools on School Lane and High Road

  • More sports facilities like tennis courts, and an indoor sports Hall.

  • Somewhere with a music licence that will stay open past 11:30pm

  • Tourist attractions - a  museum, and a Wind in the Willows attraction.

  • Encourage more businesses to open in Cookham to provide local employment.

  • A Wind Farm.



There'll be a leaflet drop to every home in Cookham later in the year and a chance for everyone to have their say in writing.


Watch out for a storm of impassioned ideas and disagreements!

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