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 Full Parish Meeting at Pinder 


Wednesday 12 March 2008 

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The Pinder Hall probably had never seen so many people, there must have been over two hundred and fifty people crammed into the Hall and spilling over into the foyer behind. It was standing room only for anyone arriving after twenty past seven. It was the Cookham Annual Parish Meeting which must have had the largest audience in the history of the Parish Council's one hundred and eight years. 

A Packed Pinder Hall

The reason for the large number of attendees was that the controversial Cookham Plan was on the agenda. The Parish Council gave a summary of the activity and achievements during the year, this was then followed by the main reason for people coming along which was discussion of the Plan. Trevor Kilner gave a presentation on behalf of Pat Woodbridge explaining the the main Plan had been withdrawn by the Parish Council and laying out a suggested timetable to review the various aspects which included new areas of consideration such as Youth, Policing and Archeological aspects.

A Full Parish Council

A vote was held on whether to wholly reject the Traffic and Transport which was carried and then whether to accept the timetable for revamping the plan, this became a bit convoluted and people were not quite sure for what they were voting but in the end only one person voted against. Richard Simmonds who had been chairman of the Plan had raised a point of order on the vote in that it could not be an official vote without discussion. It was decided that the vote would not be official but just a show of hands to see how people felt.  

Richard Simmonds Answers Questions

Those who had produced the Plan were well represented and both Richard Simmonds and Mike Clarke chair of the Traffic and Transport Committee attempted to answer questions on Poundfield mainly from people who lived in that area. Feelings ran high and there were some very heartfelt comments from several people. Georgina Kilner pointed out that the Traffic and Transport report was only three pages long with no backup analysis showing the proposals put forward. Mike Clarke said that a great deal of research had been carried and were available on his laptop if anyone would like to see them.

I'm Here to Keep the Peace

All three Borough Councillors were there and both Cllr Richard Kellaway and Cllr Michael-John Saunders spoke strongly on the importance of having a robust plan which supported the village for the next twenty years.  Barry Weir from Roman Lea said he had offered to help with the Plan but had never had a reply. Richard Simmonds said that he had had 600 offers of help and 3,000 e-mails and apologised that Barry's may have gone astray. He stated that the Steering Committee had been chosen by the Parish Council. This was then contested by the Parish Council Clerk who said that the Parish Council had not chosen the committee. This resulted in Richard Simmonds leaving the hall. 

Georgina Kilner talks to Nick Meakin of the 'Tiser

The meeting was videoed by the Maidenhead Advertiser and several more questions were asked relating to the Plan followed by items not relating to the Plan. Liz Kwantes asked about the involvement of the Parish Council with regard to the proposed third runway as it could have major impact on Cookham based on the current plans put forward. Pat Woodbridge said that the Parish Council had missed the date as the documentation had not arrived, but the Parish Council would be involved.  People were asked to fill in the forms offering to help on revisiting the Plan. The meeting was then closed.

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