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David Armstrong Retires

(1 October 2002)

with thanks to Richard Wheeler for being photographer

On Monday 30th September 2002 Cookham said 'Goodbye' to their Parish Clerk David Armstrong after eleven years in the job.  There was a gathering in the new Community Centre in High Road of the many people who have been connected with the Parish Council and David over his time with the Council. Pat Woodbridge, the new Chairman of the Council, recounted what David had done for Cookham and said that he was totally unflappable. He then presented David with whisky glasses and a bottle of whisky.

Pat Woodbridge, Parish Council Chairman presents David Armstrong with a goodbye present

David then gave an very amusing talk on his time as Parish Clerk. He said that he possibly got the job as he had spent a short time learning about local government at the LSE and told Henry Donnelly the then Parish Council Chairman when Parish Councils were set up (1894)!  He went through the many people who had helped him and said that Henry had warned him that it was very important that he knew the people who were important in the village.  The first name on the list was Geoffrey Copas, who looked suitably embarrassed, as he did not know if this were fame or infamy.

David Armstrong thanks Cookham

David, much to his embarrassment, accompanied by his wife was then showered with present, apart from the whisky and whisky glasses, the shopkeepers of Cookham Village represented by Alison Parry of Kid2Kid gave him gardening vouchers, Tony Prichard the ex Chairman of the Parish Council gave Mrs Armstrong a beautiful bunch of flowers and the new clerk, Janet Wheeler, also gave him a present for looking after her so well over the last month as he trained her into the job.

Janet Wheeler, David's successor give him a thank you present

Guests consisted of the Parish Council and also the Borough Councillors who represnt Cookham were also there, Jane Griffiths from the Maidenhead Advertiser, Les Bullion who was Cookham local PC, Peter Taylor who looks after the Alfred Major and cuts the grass around Cookham, the Braybrooks who have supported the Council for many years and Jo Braybrook found the tiny Council Offices at the Pinder Hall. Also along with those who had been involved with the Council over the years there was Mary Donnelly who is now 91 and was married to Henry Donnelly who at one time was Chairman of the Parish Councillor, a Borough Councillor and a County Councillor.  Goodbye David and enjoy your retirement.

The gathering in the Community Centre

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