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The Election - The Results

posted 4 May 2007




With a high turnout for the local elections on 3 May, all three of our Lib Dem Borough councillors lost out to the three new Conservative hopefuls. 

OUT - Lib Dem

Margaret Cubley

Mandy Brar

David Ricardo

IN - Conservative

Richard Kellaway

Michael-John Saunders

John Stretton

Things were not so traumatic in the Parish Council results. There was no vote in Cookham Village where John and Jean Stretton stood or Cookham Dean where Stella Fairlie had stood down to be replaced by Mary Lou Kellaway. However of the fifteen candidates who stood for the nine places in Cookham Rise many of the old faces got voted back in, with one new face replacing John Fisher, John Hewitt, the Stretton's son in law. 

Cookham Village  
  Cllr Jean Stretton
  Cllr John Stretton
Cookham Rise  
  Cllr Mike Barnes 
  Cllr Mandy Brar
  Cllr Pat Brockwell
  Cllr Martin Coker
  Cllr John Hewitt 
  Cllr Derek Fry
  Cllr Michael Innes
  Cllr David Ricardo
  Cllr Mike Wellman 
Cookham Dean  
  Cllr Mary Lou Kellaway
  Cllr Gordon Harris
  Cllr Roger Piercey
  Cllr Pat Woodbridge 

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